C. Alexander London

Accidental Adventures

We Are Not Eaten by Yaks

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Eleven-year-old twins Oliver and Celia Navel do not like adventures--in fact, they would have preferred it if they had been left out of this story altogether. But, unfortunately for the twins, they live on the 4-1/2th floor of the Explorers Club with their parents--world-famous adventurers and daredevils. They've been dragged from adventure to adventure their entire lives, when all they've wanted to do is watch television. Now, their mother has gone missing and their father has bet the evil Sir Edmund S. Tithletorpe-Schmidt III that he'll make one of the greatest discoveries in history. And the stakes of his bet? Oliver and Celia will be his servants until the end of high school. Which, when you have only just finished fifth grade, is a long way off. So, the twins must give up their summer vacation to explore Tibet, where they fall out of airplanes, battle Yetis, discover secret caves, fly over waterfalls, and ride one very large yak. If they can survive their ordeal, decipher the clues, and outwit Sir Edmund, they might just reunite their family, save the world . . . and get cable television.

We Dine with Cannibals

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"The second installment of the Accidental Adventures series is just as funny, just as exciting, and just as kid-friendly as the first."
In their second unwanted adventure, We Dine with Cannibals, Oliver and Celia will travel from the ruins of ancient temples to the shadowy forests of the Amazon. They'll need all their reality TV survival skills when they ride a llama, race the rapids, and even fly an airplane! If that's not enough excitement for you (it is decidedly too much excitement for Oliver and Celia Navel), they'll be forced to learn the proper etiquette for a cannibal feast and confront the strangest and most brutal rite of passage ever devised by human imagination: Dodgeball. 

We Give A Squid A Wedgie

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"Sharks and Squids and Wedgies, why us?"
In Book Three of the Accidental Adventure series, Oliver and Celia Navel have finally gotten cable television and are ready to spend a school year watching their favorite shows. But on New Year's Eve, after an octopus gives Oliver a tuxedo wedgie, an ichthyologist races into their apartment and tells the twins that their mother is stranded on an island with an enormous squid and is in mortal danger. So, quite reluctantly, the twins don their wet suits and take a journey in the Pacific Ocean.
But this time the twins don't have just one mortal enemy—they have two! There's Sir Edmund, of course, and there's also a band of pirates who are following them in a cruise ship. Not to mention an erupting volcano, a shark-wrestling match, an underwater adventure, and a hostage chicken. But by the end of the story, Oliver and Celia manage to avoid capture, find the map to Atlantis, save their parents, and, well, give a squid a wedgie. We won't discuss how.

We Sled With Dragons

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“Thrilling and delightful!”—Pseudonymous Bosch, New York Times bestselling author

The Navel Twins are at it again, for the fourth and final time! This time their travels take them to the North Pole where they are forced to sky dive, go dog sledding, get rescued by a man in a hot air balloon who looks vaguely like Santa, and finally find the long-lost Library of Alexandria. If they can get through that, they might have a fighting chance at finally going back to being couch potatoes. But that’s a tall order for the world’s most unenthusiastic siblings.