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High Seas hijinks with more laughs...
— Kirkus Reviews

"Sharks and Squids and Wedgies, why us?"

In Book Three of the Accidental Adventure series, Oliver and Celia Navel have finally gotten cable television and are ready to spend a school year watching their favorite shows. But on New Year's Eve, after an octopus gives Oliver a tuxedo wedgie, an ichthyologist races into their apartment and tells the twins that their mother is stranded on an island with an enormous squid and is in mortal danger. So, quite reluctantly, the twins don their wet suits and take a journey in the Pacific Ocean.

But this time the twins don't have just one mortal enemy—they have two! There's Sir Edmund, of course, and there's also a band of pirates who are following them in a cruise ship. Not to mention an erupting volcano, a shark-wrestling match, an underwater adventure, and a hostage chicken.

Alos, they have to give a squid a wedgie.

We won't discuss how.

Thrilling and delightful! Finally, an adventure of the very best kind—the kind that happens to other people.
— Pseudonymous Bosch, author of The Secret Series